Back to Basics: Makeup Removers

One of the first pieces of skincare advice that most people get is to always take off your makeup. It’s arguably the most important part of your daily skin care routine as it helps to reduce ageing, breakouts and skin irritation.

Now, I’m sure we can all agree that removing our makeup can be the most tedious part of the day. Let’s admit it! After a tiring day at work, or after a long night out it can be easy to just hit the hay straight away. It’s also easy to get lazy and just use some old makeup wipes to *attempt* to remove our makeup. But, this is no good for our skin! Although it can be a lot of effort, it’s the most amazing feeling once all that dirt and grime is off our face.


Why it’s so important to remove our makeup?

Wearing makeup can make us feel great and give us a huge confidence boost! However, it is not good for our skin. Makeup is essentially made of oil and dirt so it can be very suffocating for our skin. It shouldn’t be left to sit on our skin overnight. We need to give our skin a break while we sleep, let it breathe!

It’s widely known that sleeping in our makeup clogs our pores and can lead to breakouts. However not many people know the impact it has on speeding up the process of ageing. By making makeup removal a mandatory part of your night time skincare routine you’re giving your skin the chance to repair and regenerate. This is the key to keeping your skin looking youthful and fresh!


Different types of makeup removers

Yes, makeup wipes may seem like the quickest and most convenient way to remove your makeup. But, here are some other ways that will get your makeup off in no time and are much kinder to your skin…

  • Microfibre makeup remover: With microfiber cloths you are able to remove all your makeup without using an ‘’chemicals’’. There is no need for any makeup remover, just wet the cloth and start removing your makeup!. They have been tried and tested on some of the toughest makeup, and have interestingly performed superbly. Many people with sensitive skin have opted for using microfibre cloths to take off their makeup to avoid any unnecessary skin irritation from makeup removers. Others have chosen to use microfibre cloths to reduce waste.
  • Cleansing oils: if you have oilier skin it can be daunting to use oil on your skin. It can be easy for people with oily skin to want to use products to reduce the shine, however they can often end up stripping their skin of the natural oils. It’s in fact been proven that cleansing oils are still a great makeup remover for those with oily skin as it helps balance the natural oils in your skin. Cleansing oils break down all the dirt and grime, making it easy to wipe away your makeup whilst also keeping your skin moisturised.
  • Cleansing balms: Similar to cleansing oils, cleansing balms give your pores a deep clean whilst also replenishing the moisture in your skin, keeping your skin feeling soft and smooth. Vigorously scrubbing at your skin and eyes trying to get your makeup off with makeup wipes can leave your skin irritated. The creamier texture of cleansing balms is therefore ideal for comforting sensitive, dry skin.


What makeup remover do you use? If you’re fancying a skincare switch up then our boxes are exactly what you need to freshen up your skincare routine!


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