Fashion & Makeup Inspiration: our favourite shows on Netflix

Sometimes we all get into a bit of a fashion and beauty rut, you’re feeling uninspired and as though you just want to chill out and watch Netflix in an oversized hoodie, messy bun and 2-day-old mascara. Well, fear not! We’ve compiled a list of four of our go-to Netflix shows for when we need some serious fashion & makeup inspiration to get your creative juices flowing!


The Queen's Gambit Makeup Inspiration

The Queen's Gambit Pinafore

The Queen's Gambit All White Outfit

The Queen’s Gambit. 2020. [tv series] Directed by S. Frank. Berlin, Germany: Netflix.

The Queen’s Gambit 

Beth Harmon from the Queen’s Gambit has a style that audiences completely fell in love with when they flocked to watch it in October 2020. Can you believe that, in the week that it was released, Google searches for ’60s aesthetic ‘ were at the highest it has been in the past 5 years? . The fashion and beauty of the 60s – or at least parts of it – have been back in fashion for the last ten years and if you’re looking for somewhere to get some classy 60s inspo, Beth Harmon is your girl. From Peter Pan collars, tartan dresses and all white fits she truly is rocking it. Her makeup is always beautiful too, our favourite look of hers being this incredible graphic floating liner look. It just looks incredible against her big eyes and adds so much drama to her look. Her style is pretty, feminine and totally cool.


Russian Doll White Shirt

Russian Doll Red Shirt

Russian Doll Makeup Inspiration

Russian Doll. 2019. [tv series] Directed by L. Headland. New York, USA: Netflix.

Russian Doll 

Natasha Lyonne has always been one to go to for some fashion and makeup inspiration, but her character Nadia Vulvokov in Netflix’s Russian Doll took this to a whole other level. Her style is incredibly powerful – it has the perfect mix of femininity and androgyny. The power suits mixed with silk pussy bow shirts, an incredible head of curls and chunky gold jewellery just makes for an incredible look. For makeup, Nadiya keeps it simple and sexy with the perfect smoky eye and a your-lips-but-better slightly dark pinkish matte lip. You might say this look is to DIE for and perfect for the upcoming colder months.

GLOW sequins

GLOW Bodysuit and Makeup inspiration

GLOW Makeup Inspiration

GLOW. 2017. [film] Directed by J. Peretz, L. Shelton, C. Scanlon, M. Burley, P. Abraham, K. Dennis, S. Heder, M. Mayron, T. Shapeero, W. Stanzler, M. Menon, J. Mitchell, A. Adams and A. Brie. California, USA: Netflix.


Rocking something bright and loud can be nerve-wracking, but going outside of your comfort zone can give you some amazing inspiration.

If that sounds good to you then the deliciously 80s GLOW is going to be perfect. Hailed as ‘a love letter to feminism’ , GLOW has everything you could possibly want from a tv show. We’re talking giant hair, wild makeup, the brightest of bodysuits, sequins and glitter galore! The colours and patterns that the gorgeous ladies of wrestling wear are sure to inspire you even on your most uncreative of days and will get you out of that fashion rut in no time.

Pose Marie Antoinette

Pose Green Fur Jacket

Fashion and Makeup Inspiration

Pose. 2018. [film] Directed by J. Mock, G. Horder-Payton, S. Canals, T. Mabry, R. Murphy, N. Cragg, S. Howard and J. Livingston. New York, USA: FX Network. 


There was no way that we could talk about fashion and makeup inspiration without mentioning the incredible looks from POSE! It’s all about the glam for us, with so many of the outfits being absolutely beautiful and decadent, it gives us some serious ideas for getting our gorgeous on. 

Some of the looks we see in the balls are just totally luxurious and completely iconic. Keep the coloured fur jackets and the stunning ball gowns coming! We get a complete rush of inspo whenever we watch and the show always inspires us to wear what makes us feel good. 


So, there are our four favourite Netflix go-tos for when we are needing some beauty inspiration. If these shows teach us anything, it’s to be unapologetically you.

Often what we need when we are in a fashion or beauty rut is a complete refresh! So get comfy, feel pampered with all of your favourite myhi products and get stuck into one of these incredible shows, we guarantee you’ll get your mojo back!



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