Makeup that feels nostalgic

Although we’re currently all obsessed with glowy skin, neutral tones and glossy lips, this hasn’t always been the case. Each decade brings new makeup and skincare trends and the majority of people are quick to join the bandwagon.


The Nineties

The 90’s bought with it some pretty distinctive makeup trends. From the colour extravaganza on the eyes to brown matte lips and glitter…glitter everywhere. Beauty Bay has recently collaborated with Disney Colour to create a nostalgic makeup collection inspired by the classic films Alice in Wonderland, Dumbo and Jungle Book. The limited edition collection takes colour from the iconic animation films and transforms them into eyeshadows, cheek and lip duos and eyeshadow sticks. The bright colours in the palette would work perfectly to recreate some of the bright and colourful eye looks from the 90’s.

If the garish blue eyeshadow wasn’t enough, then body glitter really took your makeup look to the next level. While these days we’re all about self-care and how to nourish our skin, back in the 90’s that seemed less important as we smeared glitter all over our bodies! It was all the rage to cover yourself in glitter, sparkling different colours of pink, purple and blue.

Thanks to Kylie Jenner, a 90’s trend that hasn’t yet been left behind is brown matte lips. Since it made it’s comeback in 2015 brown matte lips have stuck around, it seems to be a staple! Kylie’s infamous lip kits are renowned for helping people recreate the nineties-inspired brown matte lips look. With an extremely wide shade range, Kylie has created the perfect muted brown shade for all skin types.


The Noughties

Going into the millennium, people moved away from body glitter towards a more subtle glowy look. They switched out body glitter and matte lips, for white shimmery eyeshadow, frosty or glossy lips and almost shiny skin. Although millions are going crazy on TikTok for Y2K fashion, it seems like the beauty faux paus from the noughties have (thankfully) been left in the past.


The teenies and inbetweenies

With the rise of Instagram and beauty influencers, it’s no surprise that ‘Instagram Makeup’ has become its own genre of make-up. This trend was based around perfection: a flawless matte base, sharp contour, blinding highlight, a precisely cut crease and carved out brows. We all took tips from the likes of NikkiTutorials, James Charles, Jaclyn Hill, and Huda beauty – just to name a few.

I’m sure we can all the remember the days of caking on Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, with Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, Stay Matte powder and actually thinking we looked good! I can now confirm this ‘cake face’ look, was not a good look! Back in those days we wanted our skin to be as matte as possible, not a hint of glow. Fast forward to 2021 and everyone wants a glowy, dewy complexion!


Back to the Roaring Twenties!

And that brings us to now! It’s all about the natural look these days, with bushy brows, blushed cheeks and glowy skin. Forget the glitter, the blue eyeshadow and the frosty lip-gloss, people are now trying to achieve that no makeup-makeup look! People have ditched the flawless, matte skin and are now looking to sheer out their foundation and let their natural beauty shine through.

With natural beauty trends on the rise, drawing faux freckles on your nose and cheeks has become increasingly popular. TikTok videos first saw people drawing them on with eyeshadow or eyeliner but some brands are now offering their own ‘Freckle Pens’. We used to try to cover up our freckles with layers of foundation, but these days people are using freckle pens to paint them back on. We are loving these more natural makeup trends!

With everyone seeking to achieve the no makeup-makeup look, long gone are the days of carving out our eyebrows with concealer and brow pomade. These days, the messier the brow the better! In the era of ‘Instagram Makeup’, treatments such as microblading and HD brows became popular as it helped create the perfect brow. However, now everyone is getting a treatment called brow lamination. This treatment perms the brow hairs up upwards, making the brows look fuller and fluffier. The perfect start to achieving that bushy brow look!



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