National Girls’ Night in Day: turn your home into a spa with these pamper products

Back in 2018, Ketel One Botanicals created possibly one of the best holidays to celebrate – National Girls’ Night In Day! Nights out can be so much fun, but sometimes there really is nothing better than chilling out with your friends in the comfort of your own home and pampering yourselves. Here is our guide to creating a relaxing spa evening with your friends using the perfect pamper products – goodness knows we all need it!


Get Comfy

First thing’s first, get comfy! Whether it’s a pj night or you manage to get hold of some fancy bathrobes, getting into comfortable clothes is the only way to relax. Maybe get some extra pillows and blankets in order to feel as calm as possible and have a lovely bath with nice-smelling bath salts before everyone comes round.  Let the evening ensue!


Set the tone

Next, create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. We’re thinking lovely scented candles or incense, low-lighting and the perfect playlist. Just searching ‘Spa’ on Spotify brings up plenty of ambient playlists for you to pick from, or set some time aside to make one tailored to you and your friends! Setting the mood is going to make the evening more enjoyable and relaxing for you and your girls.


Bring on the treatments!

You can get a whole array of luxury beauty products by subscribing to myhi and you could incorporate all of them into your spa treatments. You could even order one of our past boxes for your evening as a one off with no subscription.

First of all, we would say go for a hair treatment. One that we love for pamper evenings such as these is the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Therapies (available from the ‘Pop Your Cherry!’ box). Work this into your hair for 20 minutes – or even all night – before washing out with shampoo and then conditioning. It gives your hair incredible protection and moisturises each strand of hair from root to tip. It also smells incredible, which is always a bonus in our books!

Another of our FAVOURITE pamper products has got to be the Sienna X Clay Mask that is available in our ‘Winter 2020’ Box. It will leave you feeling squeaky clean and refreshed and will give you the most amazing glowing complexion. If you’re after more, we also love Emma Hardie’s Moringa Renewal Treatment Mask from our ‘Summer 2020’ box. This mask is much more of a high-moisture mask which hydrates the skin beautifully and is even vegan-friendly! We would always recommend a face mask that will work well on your skin for a spa evening, just lie back and let it do its work!

It’s a long known truth that face masks are a no-no for anywhere near the eyes. What should go there then? We think you will absolutely fall in love with the Sofia Latif Multi-award Winning Eye Oil. You can also pick this up in the ‘Summer 2020‘ box and slide it over your undereye to strengthen and moisturize the most delicate skin on your face. 

There are so many treatments for you to pick from. You could give each other pedicures, manicures and maybe even massages! The list never ends, just have fun with it.


Bites and Booze 

Serving food just makes a girls’ night so much more special. Fancy something fresh, clean and light? You could endeavour to make your own sushi for your guests. Or, go in completely the other direction and order a greasy, cheesy pizza for the ultimate comfort food! Why not crack open a bottle of bubbly, or even make some of your favourite mocktails? Just do it your way, which leads to our next tip… 


Do you, Boo!

Tailor your evening (and pamper products) to you and your group, have a spur-of-the-moment karaoke session, watch some of your favourite films… Just have fun! Girls’ Night In day is all about this, having a great time with your friends, building bonds and chilling out. You all deserve it, so treat yourselves!



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