Self care: tips, tricks and why it can be incredibly beneficial

Self care is all the rage at the moment. You see it all over social media and in the news but do we really know much about it at all? Anita Bentata, a mind-body psychotherapist and self care enthusiast, defines self care as ‘prioritising how you feel and how you are affected, rather than how other people or situations are affected by you’. We decided to ask some of the experts about what really are the best methods of self care – and whether it actually helps us at all.


Mental Health

A really vital part of self care is looking after your head and your thoughts. Moyra Mackie, The Journal Coach and author of The Journal Safari, says that ‘another way of describing self-care is ‘putting your own oxygen mask on first so that you can help others.’ So, whatever restores you and replenishes your energy is self-care. She believes that ‘one of the best ways to really sift through your thoughts is journaling’, emphasising that ‘it can be restorative and getting your words and emotions out on paper most definitely shifts your energy and focus levels. Journaling can be like a massage for your mindset. You begin all tense and overwhelmed and gradually you let go and a sense of calm and clarity takes over.’

Physical Health

It’s also important to make sure that we look after our physical health as well as our mental health. For example, eyesight experts All About Vision revealed to us that actually 41% of Brits are now spending an average of 10+ hours a day on some form of digital device. This has led, partially, to 38% are now suffering with more headaches than they did before lockdown. With all of this, it’s super, super important to look after our eyes! Maybe trying to give yourself a break away from devices – sometimes doing self care really means doing nothing at all.


We also think that there is nothing better than just a good pamper for the soul. You should relax, grab some products and give yourself some treatments. You could even order one of our subscription boxes and use them in order to look after yourself and just have a little bit of you time. The subscription is quarterly too so you can have a never ending supply of full size products for the perfect pamper. See here to buy one of our one-off boxes too.


But does it really work?

Well, we definitely think it does!

Am Golhar, a Creative Entrepreneur & Media Voice who is trained in Human Behaviour & Psychometrics, told us at myhi that  ‘It allows us to recharge ourselves, take that time for us, time to reflect and re-energise’. She also says that ‘ Taking regular self-care time for yourself one hour daily is so important’ and we could not agree more!

So, why not just spend just a little bit of time on you?


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