The Ultimate Guide to Luscious Locks

There is possibly no better feeling than walking out of the hair salon having been totally pampered and looking gorgeous. Your hair feels incredible and you walk with a spring in your step. Well, what if we could let you in on a couple of secrets and luxury beauty products that would leave you feeling like that EVERY day? We thought that would reel you in. Let us take you through our ultimate guide to maintaining those luscious locks.

Condition, condition, condition

The most important part of a haircare routine is actually keeping it healthy. If it is unhealthy, hair will never quite look the way that you want. Conditioner will strengthen and nourish your hair on the inside but will also give it a lovely sheen. We suggest conditioning your hair every time that you wash it and you can even apply hair masks or something heavier if you feel that your head really needs some tlc. When it comes to conditioners, we would absolutely recommend the Larry King Liquid Hairbrush Conditioner which can be found in our myhi luxury beauty box ‘Open For Business’.  It’s a lightweight conditioner which locks in moisture, combats tangles and it will definitely leave your hair feeling happy and healthy.

Hair expert Nicole Petty of Milk + Blush gave us the incredible tip of using dry shampoo overnight, especially during cold months! ‘ The harsh weather can easily dry out your hair so you’ll want to avoid washing your hair so often and stripping your hair of its natural oils.  Swapping out your hairspray for dry shampoo is a simple solution for minimising hair washing, adding volume and keeping your mane in check when on a busy social schedule.  For best results, try applying dry shampoo before you go to bed. Your hair produces the most oil overnight, so this will help you wake up with refreshed, non-greasy hair.’ Better for your hair’s health and gives you an extra ten minutes in bed in the morning? Sign us up!

Heatless curling

The idea of heatless curls has been around FOREVER, but it has recently become an even bigger trend in beauty. There are so many reasons for this. The most important is that curling irons can really damage your hair with the heat they use. It’s also much cheaper than heat alternatives, takes no time in the morning as you can set it all up before you go to bed and uses no electricity (which is always a bonus!). People have used anything from socks to pipe cleaners to achieve different curls as beauty influencer Braidsandstyles12 shows in this tutorial.

However, if you can’t avoid using heat then you should always use some kind of protection like a hair mask or spray. Here, we would definitely go for Philip Kingsley Geranium and Neroli Elasticizer. You can leave it in overnight for a deep condition or put it in before shampooing. It is suitable for all hair types and will give your hair added strength and protection from brushing and heat styling. You can also pick this up in one of our boxes, the ‘Autumn Box 2020’.


If you are able to let it dry naturally overnight, you should. If you have curly hair, you can ‘plop’! Plopping, as explained perfectly by Chloe Metzger (writing for Cosmopolitan), is a technique that became really popular this year throughout social media and online forums. It involves wrapping a t-shirt around your wet curls and sleeping on it, keeping your curls defined. It can really transform your hair and you’ll be wondering why you never started sooner!

You are what you eat

Celebrity hairdresser and Headmasters Creative and Communication Director Andrew Barton says that diet is all too important when it comes to looking after those precious strands and it can have a big effect on our hair growth cycle. He told us, ‘There are certainly positive effects of a diet rich in protein and fibre such as oily fish, fresh fruit, wholegrains and vegetables. A well balanced diet featuring lots of nutrients will ensure that your hair is getting all of the vitamins and minerals that it needs, adding vitality to the hair. Foods rich in omega 3 such as oily fish will help to keep your scalp healthy.’ Sounds like a plan to us!

Be You

Whilst obviously conditioning and not using heat will be good for all types of hair, we should remember that all hair is different. Any hair care routine or ritual should begin with figuring out what kind of hair you have. Is it thick or thin? Dry or soft? Do you have curls? Is it wavy? All of these will help you to determine if certain actions or products are for you. Once you have that figured out, there is so much information out there at your fingertips. Most tips will work for most hair but a tailored haircare plan is going to work incredibly.


So, there is our guide to luscious locks. Finding your perfect haircare and skincare routines can take a while and we believe it’s all about trial and error. By subscribing to myhi you can try out full-size luxury beauty products for a fraction of the retail price every 3 months! You’ll have your perfect haircare routine in no time.



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