TikTok skincare trends we LOVE!

Everybody knows that more and more people are turning to the online beauty community for make-up and skincare recommendations or to learn from their top beauty tips and tricks. From Kim Kardashians contour routine to bubbling Korean facemasks, beauty influencers have pretty much tried and tested it all! However, with salons closed during lockdown, peoples regular trips to their beauty therapists were put on hold and many then began seeking help from beauty influencers, or ‘skinfluencers’, to maintain their youthful glow!


The Ordinary

The Ordinary fascinated us all on TikTok when many users began posting about their skin journeys detailing how they cleared their acne. People claimed that their success in doing so could be largely attributed to the AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution. The product originally attracted a lot of attention as when first applied the product can appear pretty terrifying! However, many vouched for its ability to brighten the skin, remove dead skin, smooth complexion and generally improve imperfections on the skin.



Another skincare brand also bought to us by TikTok is CeraVe, providing us with more top-quality and affordable skincare solutions. Although CeraVe launched 16 years ago, its exposure on TikTok in the past year has seen it’s popularity skyrocket. Developed alongside dermatologists, ‘’the brand’s salicylic acid ingredients are ideal for acne-prone skin and why CeraVe’s non-stripping hydrating cleanser is best for dry, sensitive skin’’. Like with The Ordinary products, we all became invested in seeing people’s skin transformations on TikTok and trying to recreate them ourselves!



’Skinfluencers’ have not only transformed our beauty routines by providing us with recommendations of their favourite lotions and potions to use, but also introduced many of us to the art of at home facials!



With an astonishing, and ever-growing, 187 million hashtags and 160,200,000 views on TikTok, Foreo is the latest skincare brand to take the online beauty community by storm. Describing themselves as ‘’the Apple of the skincare industry’’, Foreo have combined advanced technology with salon-quality self-care to revolutionise traditional skincare. These pocket-sized tools range in price from £79 all the way up to £250, offering a combination of ‘’fullspectrum LED lights, heating, cooling and T-Sonic pulsations to deliver a spa-worthy facial in 2 minutes or less’’. Sounds like the perfect at-home treatment to bring a bit of luxury and relaxation to your everyday skincare routine!


Gua Sha

While Foreo devices do all the work for you, many people have opted to learn the art of Gua Sha. Unlike the super technologically advanced Foreo facial treatments, Gua Sha stones are much more simplistic – and affordable! Gua Sha is a Chinese healing technique that involves ‘’scraping a flat jade or rose quartz stone over the skin in upward strokes to relax stiff muscles and promote tissue damage’’. While many people remain hesitant about the effectiveness of Gua Sha stones, some of the top beauty influencers and ‘skinfluencers’ swear by the stones. They are great at creating those chiselled cheek bones and sharp jaw line we so desperately desire! The likes of Kendall Jenner and Romee Strijd have all also been known to use this ‘at-home Botox’ technique, so if its good enough for them it’s good enough for us!


I’m sure in these final months of the year TikTok will continue to bring some weird and wonderful skincare tips and tricks, and we can’t wait to try them too!


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